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View Diary: I Doubt the NSA Knows What Data It Has, Where It Came from, Who Has Accessed It and If It Was Stolen (158 comments)

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    Seventy percent of the NSA budget is being spent on private contractors whose number one priority is their own bottom line.  When there are a half million persons with top security clearance and working for private companies, there is no way that the data being collected by the NSA is even remotely secure.  And I am not talking about the Ed Snowden types, but corporations appropriating it for their own purposes.

    I do not believe that myriad of excuses have anything to do with the top officials of the NSA not knowing what data they have collected. They know exactly how much spying has been going on.  But this is like any scandal in which they are trying to cover up just enough even as new information is being released.  It is always the coverup that gets them and it is being done very poorly in an effort to stop the bleeding.

    For Americans, the scandal is that we no longer have Fourth Amendment rights with our first and fifth Amendment rights being severely compromised.  For EU, the reason they are so angry is that it appears that the spying is mostly of the industrial espionage variety.  

    No matter how we look at it, the US has bungled this very badly and Mr. Snowden has done us all a great favor by shining light on it.

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    by gulfgal98 on Mon Jul 01, 2013 at 03:20:10 PM PDT

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