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View Diary: I Doubt the NSA Knows What Data It Has, Where It Came from, Who Has Accessed It and If It Was Stolen (158 comments)

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    If these programs had been subject to the audits they SHOULD have been subject to...PCI, SAS70, ISO, HIPAA, etc., there would be very clear documentation about access and oversight. Wanna bet they haven't been bothered overmuch in that regard?

    One thing you might want to add for those at home who care. Most phones these days also use TCP/IP and so when you mention they are just siphoning off copies of packets to be reviewed later...that is how they are getting phone calls too.

    Data mining this stuff will only work if they have a complete set of data from all types of packets (i.e., email, phone, sites visited,texts, etc.) You can't do effective matching on partial sets of data. The metadata is important because it is more efficient to match on but there's no doubt in my mind that the actual call content is being stored somewhere, too.

    I am almost jealous of the freedom those geeks must have. It probably all started with a vendor who did a kick ass demo using Hadoop and Wireshark. ;)

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