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View Diary: I Doubt the NSA Knows What Data It Has, Where It Came from, Who Has Accessed It and If It Was Stolen (158 comments)

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    I can't imagine phone conversations exist (at least not yet), but I just assume a record of all my calls exist. As well as the actual content of my texts and emails. And so I always assumed every republican administration would be accessing this info to catch common criminals from now on. Maybe the only way to change that is to put them into the shoes of us America haters. You know, if they aren't doing anything wrong... They never seem to understand until it's a threat to them.

    And frankly Obama having this power doesn't worry me. So it's a good time to be having this debate. With a president actually willing to argue he shouldn't have this power.

    Money doesn't talk it swears.

    by Coss on Mon Jul 01, 2013 at 09:02:29 PM PDT

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