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View Diary: North Carolina's Republican lawmakers eager to use Supreme Court's VRA ruling to curtail voting (97 comments)

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    Wisconsin: Walker Shuts Down DMV Offices in Democratic Areas After Passing Voter ID Law - By: David Dayen Monday July 25, 2011 11:33 am

    Here’s a slick little two-step from Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. He knows that he has caused himself and his party tremendous damage by pursuing a radical right-wing agenda. He is desperate to cling to power so these policies don’t get rolled back. So one of his ideas was to pass a voter ID law to help suppress the vote in future years (this mostly won’t affect the recall elections next month). Responding to the virtually non-existent scourge of voter fraud, the bill disenfranchises low-income voters and the elderly who don’t have a picture ID like a driver’s license. Of course, Republicans could say, these voters need to merely go to any DMV and obtain a picture ID there. Simple, elegant and secure, right? Except Walker is closing down a bunch of DMV’s:
    ..And it's a pretty good bet they'll do it again. Part of the 21 century Jim Crow play book

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