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View Diary: Tom Vilsack explains why Republicans have failed at demonizing food stamp recipients (58 comments)

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    1) The fact that someone is gaming a system makes it imperfect, not necessarily bad.  To show a system is bad requires showing that there is significant gaming going on.

    2) Even if a system is is being signficantly gamed, that doesn't mean the program is bad.  Someone came down on the free meals at school programs because someone reported that the parent of the free-lunch kids all had big-screen TVs.  For the sake of argument let's assume that's true and that these kids have parents who would rather by play toys than properly feed their kids.  Without the free meals, the likely outcome would be poorly fed children who would also probably end up underachieving at school and not being able to help society out by becoming more valuable members.  

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    by KingBolete on Tue Jul 02, 2013 at 02:18:18 PM PDT

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