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    I worked for Ingenieros Asociados SA, the Evans brothers, as a welder and foreman in 1974-75, about 20 months. I shared a house in Quito but worked on construction all over--oil pipelines and roads. Spent most of the time along the Rio Esmeraldas welding on a  pipeline and building a road from Atacamas to San Francisco. The Evans brothrs had plantations around Santo Domingo and I worked there too..
    My son lives in Chile now, I fly over Ecuador when I go there (6 times now) Been meaning to get back there but want to go to Buenos Aires next time
    I'm Interested to hear your story, give us the Reader's Digest version now, I'll still buy the book, I promise

    Happy just to be alive

    by exlrrp on Tue Jul 02, 2013 at 08:59:06 PM PDT

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      I'm happy that people are interested in the book. I'm starting a one year MFA program in England this fall and plan to make it my dissertation so it's still at least a year away. If you are truly interested you can follow my blog or friend me on facebook. I'll share news about the project in both those places. Below is a summary from the query letter:

      In the wake of September 11th I turned to pacifist idealism and activism, but when the bombs fell anyway and the re-election of a self-proclaimed ‘war president’ coincided with my college graduation, I impulsively moved to South America to experience their revolutionary social movements up close. Two years later, when farmers opposed to a free trade agreement began to block roads in my adoptive home, Ecuador, I was on the front lines, working with radical students and sharing my bed with the charismatic daughter of a rising political star. When the revolution turned nationalist my visa was revoked, and I was arrested and deported—but I had found something worth fighting for. Colombian drug smugglers and corrupt police helped with my first illegal crossing; every time after that I did it on my own.

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