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    I'm happy that people are interested in the book. I'm starting a one year MFA program in England this fall and plan to make it my dissertation so it's still at least a year away. If you are truly interested you can follow my blog or friend me on facebook. I'll share news about the project in both those places. Below is a summary from the query letter:

    In the wake of September 11th I turned to pacifist idealism and activism, but when the bombs fell anyway and the re-election of a self-proclaimed ‘war president’ coincided with my college graduation, I impulsively moved to South America to experience their revolutionary social movements up close. Two years later, when farmers opposed to a free trade agreement began to block roads in my adoptive home, Ecuador, I was on the front lines, working with radical students and sharing my bed with the charismatic daughter of a rising political star. When the revolution turned nationalist my visa was revoked, and I was arrested and deported—but I had found something worth fighting for. Colombian drug smugglers and corrupt police helped with my first illegal crossing; every time after that I did it on my own.

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