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View Diary: Randy Udall Reported Missing from Solo Backpacking Outing in Wyoming (23 comments)

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  •  Conspiracy theory: government involvement? (0+ / 0-)

    I don't wish to distract from the primary goal of making sure Randy returns (or is found) safe and sound, or detract from the generally sympathetic tone of this thread.

    Nevertheless, I find it interesting (as in unsettling) that Randy, a very experienced hiker, happens to disappear at exactly the same time that his brother, Sen. Mark Udall, is daring to raise his voice over the NSA surveillance scandal. While the Udall family is focused on finding Randy, there would certainly be less time and energy for Sen. Udall to agitate in Congress over NSA spying. This might also have the effect of sending Sen. Udall a "message" that it isn't wise to pursue his current line of questioning.

    This may be a conspiracy theory, but then again, the NSA surveillance scandal is nothing if not a conspiracy. For that reason, I think government involvement should be kept in mind as a theoretical possibility.

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