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View Diary: Sanctions Increase on Iran Despite Little Proof to Justify the Added Burden (4 comments)

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  •  New to international relations? (0+ / 0-)

    Nowhere in the manual is "fair" mentioned.

    That being said, if you are going to enact penalties on Iran for doing it, wouldn’t we need to impose equal penalties on Russia?
    Beyond the fact that the sanctions were in place long before the Syrian uprising and were instituted for an entirely different reason, putting all that aside the answer is: no.
    From an objective perspective, wouldn’t this open the door for Iran to call for sanctions against the U.S. for arming an opponent they don’t like?
    Iran doesn't need even that much to call for sanctions on the USA. They can call for sanctions on the US for Syria or for any other reason they choose. On a personal level, I have no problems at all if Iran pursues this. knock yourselves out, Iran.

    As for the Iranian FM statement.

    “Removing sanctions would count as a confidence-building measure and can assist in a resolution of the issue but increasing sanctions would have no result, apart from making the issue more complex and harder to resolve,”
    It is 100% expected that the Iranian gov't would urge the lifting of sanctions. Citing this as a reason to lift sanctions is just as meaningless as were someone to cite an American official to justify keeping the sanctions.

    If anything these Iranian FM statements might be said to hint that the sanctions are biting.

    •  Yes, totally new to IR... (0+ / 0-)

      Actually the new additional sanctions were not in place before the Syrian uprising that started in March of 2011.  They were added this year as stated here:

      The new sanctions, which also penalize Iran’s automotive industry and any foreign bank that conducts “significant transactions” in the rial, are the result of a bill signed by President Obama in January and an executive order he decreed early last month, before the Iranian election.
      And listening to the FM is important since the relations part of IR suggests a two-way street.  If we don't listen at all, it's not IR.  It's just international orders given by the stronger military power.

      Which brings up two questions.  The first: what has Iran actually done to deserve the additional sanctions?

      The second: since Khamenei issued a fatwa 8 years ago against making nukes and U.S. intelligence has admitted we have no proof Iran is pursuing nukes and hasn't since 2003, what exactly does Iran have to do to get at least some of the sanctions removed or not get additional sanctions levied against it?

      Expecting Iran to be willing to negotiate when we admit they are not pursuing nukes but are still penalizing them anyway is not ever going to resolve the situation.

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