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    of the corrupt system that runs our country. Hourly real wages, adjusted for inflation, peaked in 1972 at $9.33. By 1980 that figure had fallen 11% to 8.31/hour. The lowest point was $7.65 in 1993, it has been increasing since then. Hourly wages are misleading because this doesn't include benefits, pensions, etc and it assumes a full time job which fewer and fewer people have. Carter, Clinton (signed the Glass Steagall Act as well as the Commodity Futures Modernization Act, which ended all control over over counter derivatives) and Obama are preferable to tea partiers but each onel helped the financial sector gain an even larger proportion of our GDP. Who was the treasury man who shepherded the repeal of Glass-Steagall? It was Gene Sperling, now Chairman of Obama's National Economic Council, working under the guidance of Bob Rubin. Guess what? Big Finance takes a bigger share of our GDP today than in 2009.

    Don't wait for Pelosi, Reid, Durbin and Shumer to change the tax code to shift money away from the big boys down to the lower 99%.  They are part of the problem.

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