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    There can be a bell curve with a broad middle, or a hockey stick. We currently have a hockey stick (a lot of poor people and people becoming poorer and a HUGE spike for the rich).

    The goal of every civilized society ought to be a bell curve with the broadest possible middle class and a strong safety net to care for the poorest and those who cannot work. The rich can look out for themselves (they always have).

    Currently we have a massive government supported safety net.. for the wealthiest, those who cannot be allowed to fail, no matter how badly they screw up, while we actively demolish every program for the poor and middle class.

    We are creating a society that cannot possibly succeed. We are creating a society that is INTENDED to fail, where all wealth and value is stripped out leaving NOTHING but scraps and ruins. Then the vultures, the leeches and the locusts will move on to China or wherever they can strip the most value.

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