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  •  Ha, Race Discrimination and Psychotherapy ... (11+ / 0-)

    ... funny that, have you ever tried to find a therapist, who can handle an African immigrant's psychological problems?

    It's worse than race discrimination of Afro-Americans, I believe.

    Trauma over race discrimination as a minority like Afro-Americans is bad enough, but at least you might be able to find an Afro-American therapist, who can relate to the cultural background of Afro-Americans and has empathy with their mental health sufferings.

    Traume over race discrimination in the US as an African immigrant ... looking for help ... from an American therapist? That is as much as almost impossible. No way an American therapist, be it white or Afro-American, will have the understadning to handle or understand the cultural differences of how Africans deal with  their own "mental health problems". The gap is huge and as far as I can see not to bridge.

    Just saying as your article brought back memories...

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