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    While I was in Norway, the friend I was staying with (he is a geology professor at the University of Oslo) invited some of his colleagues over to meet me, and asked me if I could make some "real American food" for everyone.  Well, of course, everyone's idea of "American food" is McDonald's---but after some thought I decided that the REAL quintessential American food is the cheese steak sandwich (I may have been just a wee bit biased because I grew up near Philadelphia). So I gathered up the closest equivalent ingredients I could find In Oslo (no American cheese, alas, and I had to slice up a slab of beef by hand).

    I in turn was given a "real Norwegian meal", which consisted of some fish-paste stuff on REALLY good potato bread, some Norwegian beer, and a couple shots of liquor called "aqua vite" that tasted like gasoline.  ;)

    (As an aside, the Norwegian equivalent of a hot dog was a sausage link wrapped in a flat sheet of potato bread---it was REALLY good and could be found in every convenience store in town.)

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