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    No more and probably far less than 10% of House seats are even remotely "competitive", meaning that despite the general awareness that said Rep is a douchebag, voters know that due to gerrymandering they have virtually no likelihood of getting rid of him.

    Even if they do replace him/her, it will be with another douchebag.  They know that, too.

    Therefore, the average voter doesn't waste their time voting.  With only 50% at best of the voters showing up at the polls, the winner only needs the support of 26% of the electorate.

    26% of the electorate still believes that GW Bush was a saint.
    26% of the electorate still believes that we "won" the Vietnam War
    26% of the electorate believes that the world will end with all of the Believers being instantly and physically teleported into Heaven.
    26% of the electorate believes in a Judgment Day when everyone who has ever died will be physically resurrected.
    50% of the electorate has an IQ of less than 100.

    We might just be LUCKY that 50% of the electorate usually doesn't vote.

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