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View Diary: Is There a Website for Liberal Activists Somewhere? (256 comments)

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  •  What exactly do you mean (4+ / 0-) "liberal activists"?

    If the emphasis is on "liberal", I'm not sure that that much-abused word has the focus it did to say, Lionel Trilling.

    If the emphasis is on "activist",  I suggest you look locally.  Remember that phrase "Think global. Act local."  That's because you can pretty much only act where you are; the internet's not a great place for action.

    Complaining about diaries or comments on Daily Kos is a lot like complaining about the noise or the way you are treated in a city of 900,000.

    And like a city of 900,000, it draws folks with agendas and sometimes backchannel communications to coordinate those agendas to make them appear more important than they necessarily are.

    And there folks who speak their minds in blunt and often derogatory terms.   It just comes with the territory.

    I'm not sure that the 18th century salons, coffee-houses, and taverns that birthed the revolutions that liberals love to reference were as polite as the obligatory style of writing of the period made them sound.

    The universe (and the internet) is a huge place.  No doubt there are smaller websites more congenial as a local community of liberal activists than the sprawling big city of Daily Kos.

    50 states, 210 media market, 435 Congressional Districts, 3080 counties, 192,480 precincts

    by TarheelDem on Thu Jul 04, 2013 at 01:39:48 PM PDT

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