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View Diary: Is There a Website for Liberal Activists Somewhere? (256 comments)

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    Troubadour, Zek J Evets

    I so appreciate your passion over the Voting Rights Act. I am right there with you. It looks like the NSA story has taken precedence over any other big story here on Daily Kos. Both sides are to blame, me included.

    I hope you continue writing about the VRA and leave the NSA story to others.

    There is a march in DC on 8/28 in honor of MLK's 50th anniversary I Have A Dream speech. That may be the moment when the voting rights activism kicks into high gear across the nation.

    Until then, I hope you keep writing about this very important subject.  Pay particular attention to Rev. Al; he is front and center on this.

    And whatever you do, don't give up.

    It's good to see people fighting against the GOP and their absolute desire to make voting as difficult as possible for millions of Americans.

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