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  •  Good opening! The rest was a contradiction. (2+ / 0-)
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    Knowing that president doesn't have the authority to make these sweeping actions and changes -- why the disappointment when they don't?

    Also -- knowing the political environment they must navigate to win and have any effect in office -- why the criticism about their efforts to stay afloat?

    You spoke of a belief that the establishment will stop anybody trying to go against it -- yet you're ready to condemn any effort to try to work from within that establishment.

    I wouldn't support an outward radical -- not because of disagreement with radical ideas -- but because I wouldn't expect him to win or expect him to have much or any success on said radical agenda if by some miracle he did win.

    There are laws in place and a constitutional process within which a president must work.  We don't elect dictators -- we elect presidents.

    As distasteful as it is -- getting something done just might require some scheming because just as we supposed allies don't agree on all the details and can't seem to stick together (I confess -- I can't stand some people I once liked) -- we can hardly expect even a plurality of the American public to do it -- let alone a clear majority.  And hey -- that means you just might have to trust that whomever you choose is doing whatever he thinks necessary to do in order to get at least some of what you want done.

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