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  •  Unfortunately I am not a billionaire but..... (1+ / 0-)
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    Worse than that, they probably figure, correctly I fear, that they will be among those who thrive off of the growing chaos. If that is the case, they will regard it as a business necessity to promote global warming, especially as long as it remains legal to do it, and maybe even if it isn't.
    This is ofc not a across the board given fact, but there is only thing most really rich people could agree on.

    They hate change. For good or for bad change although presenting a chance for them to make even more money.....also presents a change for them to loose money....and by nature humans are risk adverse.

    Those in the oil industry are making billions off of things with the status quo. They are afraid of change/environmental regulation.  

    Those who are invested in water rights and various but small industries who will benefit from global warming are pro global warming.

    The rest simply do not give a shit.

    The Koch brothers are a little bit group A and just a little bit simply nut jobs.

    Most are part of group C.

    Those who will be mildly negatively impacted by global warming. But not impacted enough that they really care.

    To get group C on your side what you need to do is speak about how much chaos global warming will cause. IE there is a good chance they will loose money.

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