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  •  In talking with mom today (1+ / 0-)
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    I told her about beating up a guy back in high school. I had made a comment about wishing I had the fight skills I ahve now "back then".

    I had never told her this and she still has the traditional responce "It wasn't that bad, etc..." I made it clear the bulliyng stopped as soon as I beat the snot of of a guy.

    Then I directed her to this video of 2 Thai children who are already skilled Muay Thai Fighters....

    Man... if I just had half that training when I was twice their age I'd likely be a different person today.

    I love the swagger of the winning child: maybe 5 years old with a fighter's confidence beyond his years. (Worth viewing just to see the ref announce him as the winner and just about jerk him off the canvas holding his hand up).

    •  just remember there are many ways to (4+ / 0-)

      fight a war.  I found "The Art of War" at a fairly young age and realized that fighting bullies physically was essentially yielding the choice of the battlefield to them.

      However they were poorly equipped to respond to verbal attacks and frequently were as poorly able to defend themselves as their victims.

      Add to that a willingness to arm oneself, despite whines from the bullies that picking up a stick was cowardly, also helped to level the battlefield.  The final component was to assure them that once a war was on, it would be eternal and perpetual so that time might give me the victory that I lacked at the minute.

      After all the old joke rings true: "what does a bully call his victims 20 years later?  Answer: boss and sir"

      •  Weapons are made for our advantage (0+ / 0-)

        I have some stick training.

        Who cares if a bully whines about anything?

        As long as one wins, what's it matter?

        I want to win.

        I don't want to lose and have no idea why I should not.

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