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  •  With states having the say over two major (0+ / 0-)

    pieces of ACA, I think initially, we will have to look at progress on a state by state basis.

    Some states to look at:

    California: they went full steam ahead with implementing ACA right after it was passed. As the largest state in the country, with the largest number of uninsured(although not the highest %), what they do will have a big impact substantively and symbolically.

    Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada: All four states accepted Medicaid expansion. NV might be the most interesting. A Dem legislature and GOP governor, who accepted the state exchange early on and was the first R gov to agree to Medicaid Expansion. NV, in 2011, had the second highest % of uninsured of any state in the country. If ACA implementations works there, it could have a very positive effect.

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