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View Diary: FINAL UPDATE: Wow, just wow! MO declares virtually every federal gun law invalid. Gov. vetoes bill. (89 comments)

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  •  Gun rights really? (4+ / 0-)

    There's nothing about any state's gun policy that might conflict with federal prerogatives, unless as is the case here the legislation attempts to dictate what the Federal agents may or may not do. If you are suggesting state restrictions on guns are illegitimate because Second Amendment then that is a different (and crazier) ball of wax.

    Abortion is a different matter because the SCOTUS says it is. The SCOTUS says that the previous hodgepodge of different states declaring abortion illegal while others allowed was untenable. Your gun policy analogy only works if there were states attempting to ban or otherwise criminalize gun ownership (which has never been attempted by any state). But it's still a crap analogy because of the different species of weaponry (and therefore potentially mitigating arguments), whereas there's only one way to have a baby.

    Maybe best not to presume to speak in generalities about what progressives think.

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