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View Diary: How Hollywood sold America Total Information Awareness (113 comments)

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    It's stupid to think Hollywood is left wing just because some big wigs donate to the Democratic party. Look at the movies that they actually put out. The Dark Knight is pretty much a Randian allegory of how the people fail to appreciate the sacrifices of the billionaire white dude goes lengths to save them from evil, without which they would be lost. As a matter of fact, pretty much all super hero movies are a variation on that same theme. They even changed Superman so that he's now a killer. Frank Miller and Orson Scott Card are out and out right wingers.

    "It is, it seems, politically impossible to organize expenditure on the scale necessary to prove my case -- except in war conditions."--JM Keynes, 1940

    by randomfacts on Sun Jul 07, 2013 at 06:50:04 PM PDT

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