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  •  Vegetarianism is one of the quickest and easiest (3+ / 0-)

    .... steps for buying some time to make the harder changes. It's something almost everyone can do. I know there are people with food allergies and sensitivities who have very few choices for proteins. For example, we had to use a special formula for our son with beef protein after the 1st 6 mo, because he couldn't tolerate something (everything?) I was eating, and couldn't tolerate any other formulas. He had the most agonizing colic in history before we found the option. We were very careful introducing "real" food for him, and he seems to have no problems, now, but for a portion of his life, beef was absolutely essential.

    However, for the majority of people, it's really easy to switch to a plant-based diet. One could even look at it as a nominally short-term thing: if we get the other stuff done, we could probably afford to return to meat eating, albeit on a smaller scale, and with a focus on more chicken, and less mammal.

    For other really easy things, in addition to recycling:
    Composting food scraps (there are apartment-sized worm composting systems), and an end to idling cars: turn the key off while stopped, turn it back on when you're ready to go. One of my favorite features in most hybrids is the auto-off feature when you stop, even if the gas engine would normally be recharging the battery at that time.

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