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View Diary: One Wing to Rule Them All: How Conservatives Betrayed the Republican Party (104 comments)

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  •  Unfortunately, Even Though The Republican Party (6+ / 0-)

    is more extreme and right wing than ever before, it still continues to hold onto political power - because of a mixture of corporate money buying off politicians, cheating (gerrymandering, voter suppression tactics, etc.), lying (the 24/7 RW noise machine), and certain spineless Democrats who refuse to stand up to the RW extremists.
    Nothing is going to change until ALL those elements are dealt with by Progressives. In other words - we have a whole lot of work to do to rescue our democracy from the plutocracy it has become. I would like to think the GOP is dying a slow death - but I'm not counting it out, because of its criminal ability to lie, cheat, and steal elections, and because of some Democrats unwillingness to stand up for true Progressive principles.

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