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    61% of Mainers did not vote for LePetomaine.

    My first response to Michaud's exploratoring a bid for Blaine House in the wake of Cutler's announced candidacy was consternation at the prospect of another split-the-non-GOP-vote election result, along with the possibility of a Republican snagging Michaud's 2nd District seat in the House.

    But the evidence does suggest Michaud has a much better shot than my fears allow, and yes, I know an awful lot of people who hold Cutler directly responsible for the last result and would either vote for the Democratic candidate or stay home.  (The thing that would most surely keep those folks at home IMHO would be Baldacci's return.)

    Another possibility would be a change in the election laws (e.g. instant run-off, weighted voting) that would ensure the governor would be elected by a majority of Mainers, by either a first or second choice vote.

    But I'm not sure how that would fly with Mainers -- a lot would depend on how any proposed change to the system is designed and explained to voters.

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