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View Diary: Some GOP women beginning to notice that GOP menfolk not good at the abortion stuff (133 comments)

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  •  The Hunter Effect (31+ / 0-)

    I just had the first realtime experience of the Hunter Effect, now I've been primed to look for it:  Seeing that Hunter byline on a particularly hard-hitting, right-to-the-chase-cutting diary.

    Yes, it's all about sex, and specifically, sex as a tool of social control, and especially, control by men of women.  Once contraception reared its ugly head, and worse! contraception that was both very effective and within the woman's control, omigod, the filly was out of the barn.

    •  It ALL about controlling women (18+ / 0-)

      Men never even come up in their screeds or shaming or misinformation or patronizing lectures or anything else.

      It is like they think we slutty Jezebels are going around getting each other pregnant.

      •  You Jezebels are seducing good (6+ / 0-)

        Christian boys who don't want to follow the devil.

        Ever read Circle of Friends, by Maeve Binchley?  It's an absolute primer on sex as social control.  It is set in the 50s, its plot can never work after The Pill.

        So, there's a good girl and a good boy protagonist.  It escapes me at the moment the good girl's story, but the bad boy is seduced by a Jezebel, who just got pregnant, and needs a good boy tricked/forced into marrying her.

        •  I saw the movie. (3+ / 0-)

          Pretty good cast, not sure how close it adhered to the book.  Here's the summary from IMDB:

          This is a charming romance about three girls from an Irish village whose coming of age happens as they all attend college in Dublin not long after WWII. Seemingly unmarriageable Benny is the daughter of a wealthy shopkeeper mortified by the attentions of her dad's shop assistant, while her Dublin beau, Jack, is a wealthy star athlete and medical student. Their story centers on the hardships of a long-distance relationship.

          Orphan Eve was raised by nuns and put through college by the village's patron family. Her Dublin beau is Aidan, who is deliberately given no backstory by the creators of the film. Neither is self supporting, and they work side by side to make a cottage in the woods -- Eve's inheritance from her dad -- livable.They soon discover that celibate cohabitation before they can afford to marry is harder than they believed.

          Nan, raised in a family suffering from domestic violence, believes she can glamourize herself to snare a powerful gent and then raise her standard of living. She is the love object of Simon, son and heir of the patron family of her village. Her plan to get pregnant, marry, and become the new mistress of the manor house falls flat when Simon buys her off to end the affair.

          Benny is soon in the throes of despair when her father dies, her pursuer is more forceful about inheriting both her and her dad's business, and Jack breaks off the relationship when Nan fibs that he is the father of her child.

          Eve manages to straighten everything out except Benny's pursuer, whom she gets rid of herself by discovering he has been stealing from the family business. At the conclusion, Jack and Benny are to marry, Eve and Aidan are to remain celibate cohabiters of the cottage until they can afford to marry, and Nan goes abroad on Simon's money to deal with her pregnancy.

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