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View Diary: Fundies having a sad over show that turns hot lights on opulent lifestyles of SoCal preachers (186 comments)

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  •  Old joke I heard.... (26+ / 0-)

    (I'll modify it a bit, as we didn't have megachurches when I first heard it.)

    A megachurch preacher, a rabbi, and a priest are sitting around in a sort of ecumenical confab discussing how they handle donations to the collection plates.  The rabbi says, "Well, I draw a square on the floor then I throw up the money from the collections and whatever falls inside the square goes to the synagogue and me, and whatever falls outside goes to the Lord and His good works."

    The priest says, "I do something similar with a circle, and whatever falls inside goes to me and the church, and outside goes to God."

    The megachurch preacher than pipes up with, "Well, hell, I think y'all are makin' it too damn complicated!  I just throw it all up in the air and whatever the Good Lord wants, he takes!"

    Is it courageous to propose tax cuts but not identify a single tax expenditure to rein in? Is it courageous to target your deepest cuts on the poorest Americans, who vote in lower numbers and provide little in campaign contributions?

    by caul on Wed Jul 10, 2013 at 03:29:59 AM PDT

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