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View Diary: NOT BREAKING!!! Think Tanks Climate Change Denial and the Media/Policy Landscape (56 comments)

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  •  libertarian ethos (3+ / 0-)

    Yeah, libertarianism is such a silly, naive set of beliefs  that I find it somewhat hard to address it with a straight face.  I agree that it is the biggest threat we have yet faced, and I hope that more classes like mine will spring up.  I was at an assessment conference once with thousands of educators.  Key not speaker say, "So how many of you believe in global warming?"  

    All the hands went up.

    So how many of you think it is the biggest threat we have ever faced?

    All the hands went up.

    How many of you are teaching about it?

    All of the hands stayed down.

    We HAVE to start educating people about it or we are right and truly screwed.   So I set out with some other teachers to build cohorts that will include physical science, biology, writing, and information literacy.  I think only by addressing it in a comprehensive manner can we really teach students about it.

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