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View Diary: Fracking in California must not be regulated. (113 comments)

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    if his voting record was better - seriously, California is a state where "more Democrats" does help.  The years of insane legislative gridlock weren't that long ago, and while most supermajority requirements have been lifted, we still need the supermajority for tax increases.  It's no accident that California's fiscal situation has improved since the Republicans became irrelevant in Sacramento.

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      If they'll be doing a lot of fracking in your community, then I'll agree with you.

      But I know that my groundwater and that of 6-7 million of my closest friends and neighbors is now in peril. Earthquakes? Heh, it's not like we get those around here, do we?

      Yeah, the financial situation is crazy. I've said that often. But budgets can be modified. The degradation that results from fracking is, as far as we can tell, pretty darn permanent.

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      by grover on Thu Jul 11, 2013 at 02:28:57 PM PDT

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