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View Diary: Fracking in California must not be regulated. (113 comments)

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    For the proposition that the California share crude is less friendly to the environment than the bitumen from Canada?  Or even the heavy, sour from Venezuela?

    I am skeptical of that assertion, as I was of the assertion early in the debates that it would take more energy to extract petroleum from the bitumen deposits than the energy to be gained from doing so.

    And anybody who looks at the 10-b filings of the companies exploiting Canadian bitumen has to be skeptical of the assertion that a failure to approve KXL will "shut down the tar sands."

    Here in Texas, we are literally drinking our own recycled urine in the western part of the state, but we can't bother the gas producers to recycle their fracking water!  It costs more, y'know?

    Then there are organic fracking fluids, but we don't use them because they cost more.

    Then there is the practice of doubling up the blowout preventers, but only one company does that because it costs more.

    I have not seen Gasland II, because the first Gasland put me off with that fraudulent "fracking fluid makes the tap water flammable" scene.  Either those folks have never seen a casing leak (I was born and raised in the oil patch) or they just like to scare people.

    To ban or to regulate, that is the question?  Whether 'tis nobler for the environment to make drillers expend an outrageous fortune to protect the commons, or to take arms against those who would pollute the seas and by opposing end them?

    But then, to live in the dark.  Ay, there's the rub....

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