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  •  Zimmerman never identified himself and had ample (12+ / 0-)

    opportunities to do so. What if a person followed, approached and engaged you in the dark of night and rain and never identified themselves? what would you think?

    From all the punches they claimed, Martin only had a small laceration on one finger and nothing, no marks on the 9 other fingers from all that punching. I've been in many fights and everyone of them, i had bruised fingers, especially when there were blows to the head.

    He didn't have even a microscopic amount of Zimmerman's blood on him anywhere, even though Zimmerman claimed Martin had put his hands on his bloody nose and pinched it, and over his bloody mouth. Not one drop, not a microscopic amount of blood on Martins palm, under his finger nails, on his pants, hoodie, and Zimmerman was bleeding like a pig?

    "Why are you following me, "let go, let go, Rachel heard Trayvon say over the phone. That means that Zimmerman had either grabbed, was pulling Trayvon and this had to have happened before they were on the ground via the timeline of Rachel's call. I say Zimmerman already had his gun out, because he could not have gotten it out from under him, with Trayvon's knees under his arm pits and Trayvon didn't have 3 arms.

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