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View Diary: Erick Erickson tells liberals to go buy coat hangers after TX abortion bill passes. (220 comments)

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    Calamity Jean

    When men like the Koch brothers have finished convincing stupider men like Scott Walker and Governor Perry to do their dirty work for them, they will probably abandon them.
    Walker and Perry will be left helpless with no one to pull their puppet strings.

    When the Kochs and their ilk have poisoned all the water,
    Destroyed all the land that can grow food, destroyed all education so that there is no one left with the knowledge to fix the crumbling infrastructure, or stem the disease created by monsanto's genetic mutation of anything and everything, and the sun has cooked this planet until it is like Arrakis....

    Then the survivors, the toughest of the tough, will rise up and destroy what's left of the rich white men. Any of them who haven't eaten each other, because all they can do is destroy.

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