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View Diary: German Spiegel publishes "United Stasi of America" graffiti photo of U.S. Embassy in Berlin! (286 comments)

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  •  This little corner of the internet is so filled (14+ / 0-)

    with pretension and hypocrisy, it borders on the ridiculous.

    It's easy to get the impression by reading some of these comments and diaries that the few daily Barack Obama bashers on this site, as well as Edward Snowden and, oh yes...Der Spiegel, are the only grouping of people in the world, who really really care about civil liberties and human rights.

    And that Germany and the Brits and most other countries in Europe do not collect intelligence on other countries. I suppose I could be kind and call this naivete, but I believe pretension and hypocrisy fits best.

    But see, here is where the pretension and hypocrisy exposes itself, the very first time one of these folk feels he might not be able to travel to foreign countries and tell anyone at earshot that the President and the U.S. are bad players on the world stage, he runs to China and Russia, and places like Venezuela for protection.

    Are there human and civil rights violations being conducted in places like Russia and China and Venezuela that would cause the average citizen of the world to jump from their slumber in terror and in a cold sweat? OF COURSE! But who cares?

    As long as this individual and his small grouping of anti-Obama faithful can continue to portray the U.S. and the President as the destroyers of human rights, nothing else commands the spirit of urgency. This stirs the passion!

    That's why I understand why, when it comes to civil liberties and civil rights violations, you can actually, sarcasm, or otherwise, refer to America as number one!!

    The question really begs itself.... How can this corner of the internet really be taken seriously?

    •  What? (11+ / 0-)
      It's easy to get the impression by reading some of these comments and diaries that the few daily Barack Obama bashers on this site, as well as Edward Snowden and, oh yes...Der Spiegel, are the only grouping of people in the world, who really really care about civil liberties and human rights.
      The Germans loved Obama when he was elected and the first couple years in office.  I can't say I've looked at the polls over there recently.  But don't just make stuff up.
      •  Actually, I never said the Germans as a whole are (2+ / 0-)
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        Aquarius40, virginislandsguy

        Obama bashers.... I specifically mentioned a small group of individuals in this community and on the internet and Der Spiegel.

        In fact, I will say, judging from the thousands of people who came out in Germany to hear the so-called "authoritarian" President speak, the German people seem to really like President Obama.

        I do not mistake the behavior of a few people in this community to be representative of the entire world. Absolutely not.

        •  What year? 2008 or 2013? (4+ / 0-)

          You can see the difference in the Reuters pics.

          •  An Invite-Only Crowd in 2013? (6+ / 0-)

            Shades of BushCo.

            All these delusional scolds do nothing but make me laugh. Watching their authors project themselves all over a discussion is like watching vomit in mid-air headed for the nearest floor:

            This little corner of the internet is so filled with pretension and hypocrisy, it borders on the ridiculous.
            SO enamored of A Personality, that all perspective goes out the window:
            his small grouping of anti-Obama faithful
            Does this person really, seriously believe that his apparatchik-speak and his sainted scorn is any less pretentious? Cry me a fucking river of indignance!

            •  "his apparatchik-speak"? Do you understand that (1+ / 0-)
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              this website, when I joined it, was a website for Democrats, and so it was unusual to constantly find yourself being bathed in a daily cacophony of hate speech directed at a President, who has done more for the Democratic Party than any other president in generations....

              I know that you, like most of the people I have found issuing condemning criticism or comments against this President on a daily basis, usually folk belonging to sites like Red State, feel that you are justified in your state of hate of this President, and like many of these people, you are probably beside yourself with seething anger that Barack Obama will be President for 3 more years.

              Still, I suppose what is really rankling folks like you is the belief that individuals who support this President are so deluded and wrong in our inclination to offering him our support..... For you see, you and your cohorts have done more for this nation than Barack Obama ever could or has, I am always reminded of the things you folk have done.... things like:

              passing a healthcare bill that will give tens of millions of people access to health care. You have also increased fuel efficiency standards in automobiles, extended Pell Grant for millions of students and gave them an opportunity to attend college, made it possible for women to receive contraceptive care, passed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, helped to end DADT, spent more than any president in decades on issues that will improve the environment, saved the automobile industry, prevented the economy from falling into a a second Great Depression, spent more on programs for the poor than any President in decades, and placed two women on the Supreme Court, all while being sabotaged by a obstructionist Republican Party.

              Yes, I may be an apparatchik, but at least I'm a supporter of an individual who has actually done things to make the lives of people better. With the amount of time you have spent getting on your computer in order to issue searing vilification of this man, I am sure you have done more than he has to better the lives of others....what was it exactly??

              I just make you laugh, eh? I hope you found what I just said very funny indeed.


            •  B-I-N-G-O! (5+ / 0-)
              SO enamored of A Personality, that all perspective goes out the window
              You wonder where the bottom is because it isn't spying on the American people or cutting Social Security.  
              •  Until you folk can actually do things, like even (2+ / 0-)
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                Aquarius40, virginislandsguy

                elect someone to national can talk and fling weak insults, but that's really all you can do. At least the President's supporters do things.... We got a President elected....

                •  Oh, you're the only one who voted for Obama (7+ / 0-)
                  We got a President elected....
                  We?  Who's this we?  

                  You voted for Obama along with 69,498,516 of his closet friends in 2008.  In 2012, you voted for Obama along with 65,917,257 of his best friends.  

                  Do you seriously believe you're part of a private club that put Obama in office?  

                  Evidently, the answer to the question:  Ned is part of a private and exclusive club of better than 60,000,000 +.

                  What's your encore?  Telling the rest of us you did something "magical" and "exclusive" like having a cup of coffee today?

                  Hey, go for it.  This might get interesting.  

                  By the way, I voted for Obama twice.  Wowzers, I'm in Ned's private "we" club that elected a president.  

                  Well, will you look at that!

                  •  Here is the thing BroadwayBaby, the President's (0+ / 0-)

                    supporters voted for the President because he accomplished things we liked and thought he deserved a second chance.

                    Based on the years of vilifying comments by those on the ani-Obama divide, it would, on the face of it, appear that you voted for him because he was a "horrible" President who did not deserve a second chance....

                    Wow, I like to do things I feel positively toward, and it makes life interesting.... That's why Obama supporters appear to be so positive and motivated and without uptightedness....  BroadwayBaby, it appears you want to rewrite this paradigm....

                •  Do you honestly doubt that virtually every Kossack (5+ / 0-)

                  who criticizes Mr. Obama now, was a strong and often VERY hard-working, supporter of his 2008 campaign?

                  YOU didn't get a President elected; we ALL did.

                  When you triangulate everything, you can't even roll downhill...

                  by PhilJD on Sat Jul 13, 2013 at 11:55:28 AM PDT

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          •  So, I claimed the President was heard by (1+ / 0-)
            Recommended by:

            thousands of people. Your comment, I assume, is to discredit this statement. But, in fact, 6,000 people show up to hear this President speak.

            You don't think that's a big deal? Tell me how many other world leaders have spoken to 6,000 Germans recently?

            I dare say, these days, the German Chancellor has not had 6, 000 people show up, nothing against the German Chancellor.

            But here is something more stunning:

            Joined by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Berlin's mayor, Klaus Wowereit, Obama addressed 6,000 invited guests and dignitaries on a hot day under a bright sky. When he talked specifics, Obama kept to issues on which the majority of the crowd appeared to agree.

            Obama said he planned to slash America's nuclear weapons stockpile by up to a third and promised to seek negotiated cuts with Russia, too, saying "so long as nuclear weapons exist, we are not truly safe."

            The loudest cheers came when Obama vowed to close the Guantanamo Bay terrorist prison, a move that many Europeans have been waiting for since Obama took office.

            Supporters held up signs with the words "Yes we can" and "Welcome" and chanted Obama's name. At one point during his speech, two women holding a "No NATO War" sign shouted briefly from the crowd at Obama before they were questioned by security personnel.

            It was a much smaller crowd than the estimated 200,000 people who greeted Obama five years ago, when he visited Berlin as a candidate for president. Back then, he captured the enthusiasm of Germans and won broad support across Europe.

            He remains popular with much of Germany, where local news outlets followed the first family's every move in the capital and published detailed features on their Ritz-Carlton presidential suite. A recent survey indicated that 85% of Germans believe Obama is a good president.


            Yup, 85% of Germans believe Obama is a good president.

            He certainly sounds unpopular to me.....

      •  What? More like (3+ / 0-)
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        SpecialKinFlag, Dave925, DeadHead

        More like "WTF"?  

      •  And I was taught way back when dinosaurs roamed (10+ / 0-)

        the  earth, that it was very very important to scrutinize all politicians period, and to be openly critical of bad policy.

        Because to be silent is to give permission.

        I don't like what the GOP has been up to.
        But I would be a liar if I said I was in love with the Democratic Party right now either.

        Neither have thrilled me in a dog's age.

        When we live during a time when we [and I mean anyone regardless of party] can  reasonably compliment the  opposition and criticize their favorite, without fear of being labeled a traitor, something wonderful will have happened.

        Until then, it's all about brand loyalty and blind followers.

        Fuck that.

        I have no patience for people who expect me to censor myself to salve their comfort zone. Not when there is so much at stake.

    •  I would submit that Snowden (17+ / 0-)

      has little choice but to approach Russia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Ecuador for asylum.  No one else has the balls to accept him.  Any other country would put him on ice and send him straight back to the US, so cowed are other countries by the overweening and overwhelming power of the US.  And if he goes back, is he going to have anything resembling a fair trial? He would wind up in the military hell-hole Manning is in or, failing that, in Guantanamo.  I'm thoroughly fed up with people who use this step as a means to condemn him.  

      -7.13 / -6.97 "The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion." -- Edmund Burke

      by GulfExpat on Sat Jul 13, 2013 at 08:03:50 AM PDT

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      •  It's not exactly a winning argument to say he had (4+ / 0-)

        no choice but to seek the aid of individuals whom he puts himself up as in opposition to, morally. His moral compass, he professes, is one where he seem to decry civil and human rights violations as a moral issue, and yet he goes to the most notorious violators of human rights in the world to seek their "protection"? So is protecting his freedom to move about more important than the moral issue of human rights violations?  

        This is what you are suggesting.... He needed protection so he has to ignore human rights violations to get it?

        By the way, many here are criticizing the U.S. for allowing the desire to protect itself from terrorism to cause it to violate the rights of others.  See that? The argument by many on this side is, "we should not allow the need for protection to cause us to ignore the rights of others."

        This is Snowden's argument... And he is doing the exact same thing!

        I want to protect myself, so I will ignore these countries' long documented histories of human rights violations. Quite hypocritical to say the least.

    •  Wrong. (10+ / 0-)
      As long as this individual and his small grouping of anti-Obama faithful can continue to portray the U.S. and the President as the destroyers of human rights, nothing else commands the spirit of urgency
      So anyone who appreciates Snowden is an Obama-basher.


      P.S. Conflating DKos users with people who want to run to China is also wrong. And Offensive. (In fact if someone HRs you, I wouldn't disagree with them.)

      "What could BPossibly go wrong??" -RLMiller "God is just pretend." - eru

      by nosleep4u on Sat Jul 13, 2013 at 08:12:52 AM PDT

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      •  Oh, so he did not run to China? He is not (0+ / 0-)

        celebrated in this daily kos community by a small number of very vocal anti-Obama folk, as a hero? HR, you say? That's the least of my concern!

        Ahh, and let's not pretend that the vast number of people who have been celebrating Snowden and who have been referring to the President as "authoritarian" are supporters of this President. The is a reality based community, right? Lets stay in reality.

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