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View Diary: Man arrested at amusement park with 4K rounds was violating parole by having a gun (60 comments)

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  •  Well that's kind of the point, isn't it? (5+ / 0-)

    Nobody (almost nobody) makes guns in their basement. Few people make cartridges (lots of people reload, but almost no one makes them from scratch).

    Every gun used in a crime came from a legal manufacturer and through the hands of a legal gun seller. The same for the bullets. The legal manufacturer got paid his wholesale price for the gun and the bullets, just as if they went to God's own holy "responsible gun owner (TM)." But they didn't. Somehow, through all the rhetoric and outrage from "responsible gun owners (TM)" that anyone might suggest that anyone might acquire a gun illegally (gasp!) given the air-tight system we have to prevent just that happening, somehow, yet another bad guy got a gun. Nobody can imagine how. It must have been magic. No matter what laws we might have, no matter what laws we might imagine, there is NO WAY anyone could have prevented this. None. It's utterly inconceivable by the human mind that any bad guy might be prevented from getting a gun by ANY means. Guns just appear in their hands, "Poof!" another bad guy with a gun. Zowie Kablowie! Magic!

    But guns somehow, God only knows how, get into the hands of bad guys. And so the God Guys (TM) also need all the guns it is possible for one human to own and MORE! One is not enough, eleventy hundred is not enough! We must buy more guns! No, more than that. Still not enough. Buy more. Keep buying, we'll tell you when you can stop (like that's ever gonna happen, Snort!).

    And what is it that ties these phenomena together? What could it possibly be? What could POSSIBLY be the thing that drives all these guys, both good and bad having guns?

    Oh, right, the gun makers and bullet makers GET PAID! Every gun in the hands of a bad guy is profit for the gun makers. Ka-ching! Every gun in the hands of a good guy is a profit for the gun makers. Ka-ching! Every single gun in the hands of a crook, every gun used in every crime was paid for. Ka-ching! Every good guy grasping his guns with both hands standing guard over the body of human liberty and all that is holy in the eyes of God paid for his guns. Ka-ching! Every gun that gets "stolen" has to be replaced. Ka-ching! Every gun seized by the police will be replaced. Ka-ching!

    Ka-ching! Ka-ching! Ka-ching!

    The only thing piling up more than the bodies is the profits for the gun makers. No wonder this nation can't get it's ass in gear about guns. Ka-ching!

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