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  •  VA: Wow, so that HRC poll might not have (5+ / 0-)

    been so far off. They had support for marriage equality at 55-41.

    VA has a constitutional ban on marriage equality, and I dont know how that could be reversed.

    But yet again, the change on this issue has been amazing.  I remember way back in 2004, there was talk for a little while that Kerry might be competitive in VA. That faded quickly, but we've seen the movement towards Dems over the last nearly 10 years. And now possibly movement on marriage equality as well.

    •  Did Kerry ever do much of anything in the state? (1+ / 0-)
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      In any event, the change has been dramatic, and certainly welcome. I have to wonder, might it be time to make it a campaign issue. Would that help us at all?

      "The polls are meaningless, riddled with biases, inaccuracies, and an unrealistic electorate. The only poll that matters is the one on election day..."--said by any number of candidates down in the polls

      by bjssp on Thu Jul 18, 2013 at 09:46:11 AM PDT

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    •  Is there a Bradley effect on gay marriage? (4+ / 0-)
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      jj32, ChadmanFL, pademocrat, madmojo

      I think there's been a significant shift. But some of these polls just seem too optimistic. Gay marriage only won with 52 or 53% in relatively liberal states in a pretty good year for Democrats. Now that more people associate opposition to gay marriage with bigotry, I have to believe a couple percent of people are lying to pollsters. Some people may only be comfortable with civil unions, and may use that as a reason to vote no on a gay marriage referendum. But if forced to  say which side they're on, they may be more comfortable saying they're pro-gay marriage.

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