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  •  No sitting back, we have to ... (0+ / 0-)

    ... maintain and/or decrease the number of Republicans in the Senate.

    We should worry, work, and put energy into the 2014 Senate race. The races are only an electoral inevitability if we don't do something to change the course.

    One way to look at, for example, the 2010 election that lost the House was to say, "well, it was inevitable, because of gerrymandering." I think 2010 was inevitable because

    1. Progressives lost interest, with the most hardcore progressives throwing in the towel because Obamacare wasn't single payer health care
    2. There wasn't an intensive get out the vote drive

    If the Senate goes back to the Republicans in 2014, that paves the way for a Republican in the White House in 2016. We have a House and Senate that have been putting pause on even a centrist agenda during the Obama years.

    They'll go off the pause button once a Republican is back in the White House; based on the agenda that the Republicans are pursuing, it doesn't look like a future I want to live in.

    It's easier to be in the opposition. But I'd rather work to see a progressive government. And that doesn't happen unless we do our part to win some elections.

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