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    The stats were always against my son. Maybe it's one of the reasons we took poor stats in such stride. When my wife was pregnant with him, there were some hormone indicators that so strongly correlate with miscarriage that to this day his doctor doesn't really know how he made it to term. And then there's the car accident when he was one -- we got sideswiped by a hit-and-run driver and plowed into the path of an oncoming semi truck, and the car was so mangled I can't see how anyone could have walked away. And yet his broken leg and my concussion were the worst of the injuries.   He's been wildly defying the odds since literally before he was born.

    We call him "Natural 20," from the old Dungeons and Dragons game, where rolling a 20 on a saving throw could save you from just about any scrape. This kid may have the worst luck and get into the worst predicaments, but man oh man, does he ever roll the hard 20 when it really counts.

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