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View Diary: Bush Administration: 'we can lock them up forever' (82 comments)

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  •  It's simple (4.00)
    There are a million different ways that talking about this sort of thing can put troops at risk.

    For example, somewhere out in Arab-land there is a happy, peaceful youth minding his own business, when he stumbles across a copy of the Congressional Record and reads Sen. Durbin's remarks.  He is so outraged by what is being done to his brothers in Gitmo that he finds a gun and sets out to kill some American troops.

    Or, perhaps, somewhere in Iraq our troops are engaged in a pitched battle for control of a hill.  A brave young soldier aims his rifle, but his mind wanders to thoughts of the torture at Gitmo and whether he is truly doing the right thing by fighting for America.  A tear mists up in his eye, causing him to miss his target.  (Credit goes to a Redstate commenter for inspiring this scenario.)

    So, as you can clearly see, the only patriotic thing to do is shut up and pretend that America never does anything wrong.  Anything else, and you're hurting the troops.

    •  The reason why it puts our troops.. (4.00)
      at risk is because if we ever get into a war with a country like China or Russia where there may be high levels of US prisoners they will say that our soldiers are enemy combatants.

      The reason given as to why the Taliban soldiers should not be given Geneva Conventions protections is because they (according to the administration) had demonstrated through their actions that they had no desire to follow the Geneva Conventions and thus should be denied coverage.

      Therefore, all another country has to do is take the Bybee/Gonzales memo and say that the US does not follow the Geneva Conventions as evidenced by their conflict with Iraq and Afghanistan therefore we will not give them Geneva protections.

      Then when we hear stories about our female troops having foreign objects shoved up their rectum, being interrogated in the shower by male interrogators, being sexually humiliated, being left in their cell nude, short shackled for days and having their vagina grabbed as a "control" technique then Americans will realize how it can affect them.

      If we show no respect for the laws of war neither will China in a conflict with Taiwan, neither will Russia in a conflict with Chechnia, neither will Israel or Palestine or even Iran in a conflict.

      This administration has given everyone a license to torture!

      •  It's Horrifying To Watch (none)
        this scum crawl back down the evolutionary ladder, led by Monkeyboy et alia.

        It's like seeing moral and intellectual as well as biological, de-volution, right before your eyes.

        The blowback of this will be tremendous.

        You can't always tell the truth because you don't always know the truth - but you can ALWAYS be honest.

        by mattman on Thu Jun 16, 2005 at 10:58:48 AM PDT

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