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View Diary: Believe Trayvon Martin A Thug?–Gullible Or Immutable Racist (36 comments)

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    Your premise is completely flawed, that the jury acquitted GZ, with a sense of comfort, primarily because they concluded that TM was a thug. Is it possible that they considered the evidence very carefully and, in the end, decided that the government had not proved GZ's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt?

    I haven't seen anything about Trayvon Martin that suggests he was anything other than a normal teenager. However, based on the facts that were presented to the jury, I would have voted to acquit as well. If the police had collected more evidence or the prosecution had put on a better case, I would be willing (again, as a hypothetical juror) to consider that GZ is guilty of specific crimes.

    That's the big schism in the country, unfortunately. Some people look at the entire set of circumstances and reasonably decide that GZ must be guilty of something and should be in jail. Others look at the case and its specific elements, notably the evidence that was admitted and the high burden of reasonable doubt, and decide that the state didn't prove its case.

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