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View Diary: North Carolina voters are seriously pissed at extremist Republican agenda on abortion, unemployment (79 comments)

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    80% think it's inappropriate to combine abortion legislation with bills about motorcycle safety or Sharia Law.

    voter unhappiness with the anti-abortion bill and the sneaky process by which it was brought to a vote

    55% of voters are unhappy with the legislation that resulted in 70,000 North Carolinians losing their unemployment benefits earlier this month

    Because once today's Republicans are in office, they are hell-bent on passing their extremist agenda, all of it, regardless of whether that's what they campaigned on or what their constituents want.

    It's the ALEC/GOP agenda literally being rammed through over the objections and protests of a majority.

    It is very successful as defined by the accomplishment of a goal one sets forth to accomplish.

    This is profoundly anti-American.

    The Sharia law thing is unhinged paranoia: the people who write crap like that shouldn't even have a driver's license..

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