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View Diary: U.S. Government Repeals Ban - Opens Floodgate to Mass Agitprop Meant for Domestic Consumption (104 comments)

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    Because when we lived in Turkey VOA was about the only  broadcast in ENGLISH, with news about the US, and other things like broadway shows and music that most Turks wouldn't have been interested in.

    But I sure as hell was.

    I also listened to BBC World Service, and occasionally we picked up some other stations in English, broadcast by other countries. None of them were on all the time, so you had to make an effort to find them and note when they were on.

    Which we all did, because there wasn't much English language news other than that.

    I heard about Nixon's resignation on VOA. I got updates on the Watergate hearings from them. They were the voice of HOME for a lot of military in remote areas and expats.

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