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View Diary: Mapping Historical Votes: When Women's Suffrage Failed, 1915. (8 comments)

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    About women getting the vote in Washington State in 1910: 100 Years Ago: WA Women Get The Right To Vote. Woman suffrage in WA was first proposed in 1854 (and lost by one vote). Over the next 56 years, women got the vote, lost it, got partial voting rights (school board only), until they finally got the vote in 1910.

    Here were some of the arguments against letting women vote:

    At that time, WA had many saloons, gambling parlors, and whorehouses. A lot of owners and customers of those businesses worried that women would vote for reform politicians who would close them down. So a lot of money was spent against woman suffrage.

    Some people worried that a wife might vote differently from her husband and the votes would cancel out. Other people claimed that wives would vote the way their husbands told them to, so why bother?

    Some people worried that women who registered to vote would have to serve on juries and hear cases about murder, drunkenness, and mayhem -- and women are too delicate for that.

    There was an attempt at a compromise. Since children in public schools have mothers who care about their education, maybe women can vote for school boards, but nothing else.

    I think the history is fascinating.

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    by Dbug on Thu Jul 18, 2013 at 03:05:35 PM PDT

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