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View Diary: Liz Cheney's neoconservative Keep America Safe group tries to wipe its existence from the web (81 comments)

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  •  Every time Liz Cheney opened her mouth (3+ / 0-)
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    starduster, wintergreen8694, Rogneid

    it always seemed to me that she was superlatively out of touch, not to mention a day late and a dollar short. But even more of a liability for her - she is so god-awful-unappealing as a candidate OR a talking head - with the same smirky-smug arrogance, dark patrician superiority and self-contained remote-and-icy self-importance her equally-pathological father has. The downfall of people like them is that they have zero ability to feel what others feel nor any insight into even the most obvious thoughts of others, and so have no idea how they are coming across. In her case, she is completely unable to understand that even conservatives can't stand her and her and that her announced "candidacy" is going nowhere and will quietly disappear within a few weeks...

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