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View Diary: Gun-totin' property owner kills a guy trying to defend his cousin, who urinated on a gravel bar (374 comments)

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  •  No, we don't need 'common sense gun restrictions' (0+ / 0-)

    Which are 99% of the time just an attempt to keep anyone but the wealthy from using their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS!

    Move on past blaming the firearm for the actions of the person using the firearm in an irresponsible or socially unacceptable manner, start blaming the person who used that firearm in that unacceptable manner.

    Just like we blame people who use KNIVES AND BASEBALL BATS to kill/injure people and do not blame the knife and baseball bat in question.

    99.99% of guns out there today have NEVER EVER been used to kill or injure another human being, they are used for target shooting, hunting and TRUE self-defense, where someone is coming after you with a weapon or has broken into your home.

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