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  •  Once, just outside of Santa Fe, near the opera (15+ / 0-)

    my car broke down. It was snowing. I had my little girl with me.
     I left my car by the side of the road, hood up, and started walking. It was very clear that we were a long way from anywhere, and needed help.

     Many cars passed, expensive late model cars, who slowed and looked at us - and did not stop.

     We heard the gasp and rattle of the truck behind us before we saw it...old, old beat up pickup with two elderly New Mexicans. " Hey! You need a ride? It's cold out there"!

     They squeezed us in, took us into town, right where we needed to go. And they would accept money for gas, or beer...nada. Two wonderful men.

     I have experienced this kind of open- hearted generoosity in Mexico, too. And I hope I have learned from it.

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