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View Diary: Paved with good intentions: The folly of 'open' electoral primaries (151 comments)

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    "To put this another way, can you name me any democracy that doesn't have formal political parties?"

    Exactly. Well put, NMLib.

    The only ones that don’t have formal political parties? I can’t think of any. The ones with the weakest parties are generally the least democratic. When you don’t have political parties, power falls to other institutions, like churches/mosques, tribes/tribal groupings, city-states, militias, and a ton of other organizations that we probably don’t want running the government.

    The problem in America isn’t that we have 2 political parties, it’s that we only have 2 political parties, effectively.

    Yeah, sure, we have 3rd parties, but our system is effectively a 2-party system and always will be. It would be much more representative if there were 4 or 5 major parties. Sigh. If only.

    Kansan by birth, Californian by choice and Gay by the Grace of God.

    by arealmc on Tue Aug 06, 2013 at 10:17:21 PM PDT

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