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  •  What a lovely comment, thanks (15+ / 0-)

    I think we were his third people. The last folks had a baby and Slinky was apparently too possessive or something. Anyway, for whatever reason, they ended up keeping him outside.

    A doxie, an outside dog! At 6 years old, he was not housebroken even!

    He was turned to Monterey County SPCA and they were almost ready to put him down as being mean and biting. But hell, with the treatment he went though, and losing yet another family, any dog would snarl in the shelter.

    But the SPCA "doggie psychiatrist" took a closer look at him and thought he still had a chance. They gave him to a dachshund rescue service to work with him and deal with some of his issues.

    When we went over to meet him, he was running around the yard, and then leaped right up on my legs to say "hi" and licked my hand.

    I never had a chance!

    He turned out to be a very good dog indeed, loving and friendly to everybody.* What a waste it would have been if he had been put down by the shelter.

    * (OK, I'll admit this much. When Ms. Unoball and I got married 7 years ago, Slinky did bite almost every male relative of mine. They claimed that he did it because of the stress of so many people in the house, and people reaching down to his face too quickly, before he got the chance to know them. But I'll tell you the truth... He only bit Republicans! So I guess I trained him well after all!)

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