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View Diary: Holder to Russians: We Won't Torture Snowden. Honest! (164 comments)

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  •  The important question to me is, (19+ / 0-)

    are things getting WORSE here.  Because that reflects on us, you and me, what we should be doing but aren't doing enough of.

    We get into it every once in a while around here about whether the US totally depraved because of original sin, so none of this matters THAT much, it's just confirmation of what naive people should have guessed all along.  

    And that bothers me, because it means we don't have to take responsibility for letting things get worse.  This is our watch.  We have kids.  They're going to inherit this shit, and when we're gone, they might not have anybody to tell them that people didn't used to be this afraid of the government.

    For instance, to illustrate: I was looking for Snowden t-shirts online last night, as a joke.  I saw one that had Edward Snowden's picture with the caption, DRONE-BAIT.  And, really, it was kind of funny.  It's the kind of humor that is apolitical and cynical and hip.  I could imagine young people who don't know jack shit about Snowden or the history of torture or assassination or domestic spying buying one of those just for the caption.  

    There are so many jokes like that.  We expect our government to act like the Sopranos.  Somebody's gonna put the whack on Snowden.  That's just something he shoulda known before he flapped his lips and pissed off Big Tony, right?

    It becomes part of our culture, it coarsens us, and then we don't remember that things ever could have been any different.

    If that's where we're headed, it's our fault if it happens.  Not just Holder's, not just Obama's.  All of us.,,p

    •  Consider the "lesser evil" mantra (3+ / 0-)
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      Shotput8, atana, Dumbo

      I mean how many times have I been given that argument around here as the one and only reason to vote for Democrats?   That's a complete capitulation to the premise that only question to be answered in this country is whether you take the freeway or the scenic drive to Hell.

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