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  •  Back in 1967 or '68, my sister and three of (3+ / 0-)
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    her friends went to the Beverly Hills Hotel to interview Paul McCartney. They were 13 or 14; too young to drive, so I think they took a bus. Paul was staying in one of the little cottages at the hotel. They called him, and actually spoke to HIM. He said he would be away for awhile, but would meet with them when he returned. So, they waited for several hours, trying to be inconspicuous, as they were obviously not guests. Finally, they spotted his limo. They called again, and he invited them to his cottage. They sat together on the stoop of the cottage, and spent maybe a half hour or 45 minutes, and they said he was very kind, and gladly answered all their questions. Being the older sister, I was in charge of retrieving them from the hotel. The ride home was peppered with squeals of delight; everyone talking at the same time. They wrote about their experience and were published in Teen Screen (or one of those teen mags) along with a few pictures they had taken. I had one of the pictures in my wallet for several years, but at some point my sister reclaimed it. I'll have to ask her if she still has the magazine. I've always had great respect for Paul, as he showed these young girls such respect.

    Thanks for this diary. It brought back a fond memory.

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