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  •  If they were just in the yard (11+ / 0-)

    It wouldn't be so bad. They burrowed under the front steps. And I saw one around the back steps too.

    So once it gets dark, I'm stuck. I absolutely won't go out now. Bad thing is I'm dog sitting for my son, and I won't take the poor dog out once its dark.

    I got doggie training pads he can use, but last night was hard on him. I went to go out the front door, saw the skunk, went out the back door, got down the steps and saw something moving in the flower bed by the steps, and then saw the skunk. Grabbed the dog (good thing he's little), went to the patio which is the other side of the steps, opened the back door from there, put the dog in the house on a short leash, boosted myself up so I didn't have to actually go up the steps, and closed the door. I don't know how I did it, because I normally can't pull myself up like that.

    But the poor dog really needed to go out. He wound up peeing on the bathroom floor, which I could deal with. This morning my husband took him out, and I did as well later on, but I'm not going anywhere once the sun goes down.

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